Sell your home in less than 20 days!

Are you excited to hold that check? Do you need to get your home sold soon? Selling a home is difficult for a lot of homeowners. It takes more than just posting signage and waiting for that call from a potential buyer inquiring about your home for sale. Now, if you want your home to get sold fast and get it’s real value, you need to stage your home.

Here’s some of the tips to help you stage your home:

1.) Enhance, Improve, Attract.

Make sure that you enhance the best areas of your home. Unclutter every space and repaint every part of the house to give it a fresh look.

Some of the things you need to do are:

  • Clean all surfaces including sidings and windows. Make sure that every corner is spot on clean.
  • Mow lawn and repaint your fence. It will give your home a gleaming look even at first glance.
  • Make sure that the walkway is alluring. It doesn’t have to be regal. An oversized pot will also look great.
  • Now, it is time to revamp that porch. Everyone loves a cozy porch.You may want to put in a few potted plants and a cozy set of coffee tables. This gives buyers an impression of a warm home…and everyone wants to go home looking forward to that.


2. Give your Dining Area a Character.

Dining Areas are the same. It’s a spot where families gather after a long tiring work. Where families spend meatball spaghetti nights and a thrilled exchange of varying and contrasting ideas. To make your dining area extraordinary, put a touch of your creativity. Originality is great but also remember that you are selling your home, so you may want to regulate your taste and imagine what your potential buyers would like to see. After all, you can definitely make your future home your canvass.

background new act

3. Tidy but Stylish.

You wanted to give an impression that you have an orderly home and you achieve that by clearing all the clutter and giving  your home that spacious look. But you definitely wouldn’t want to give them an impression of an empty home. You can put in potted succulents on top of your dining or living area. A tray of fresh fruits and an array of condiments will also give them a hint of where to probably put those things if they decided to purchase your home. And that’s when they start considering your home their next home.

stage home 2

4. Do the final touch.

Look at your home again and re arrange the furnitures. Match the colors and create that simple yet captivating look. Feature areas of your home that they’d also love to see like a hidden closet. That’s an extra space. Or a hammock in your backyard. If they are looking for a relaxing home to raise their kids, they’d definitely love your space. Lastly, put away your pet toys and stuff. Not all potential buyers are pet lovers. But if you know for a fact that they are into pets, you may want to create a space intended for their pets.

Staged Homes

Now you are ready to open your doors and sell your home.

According to Laura Gaskill, “Successful staging is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price…”…/sell-your-home-fast-21-staging-tips